Off For the Summer

Since my job with the Board of Ed doesn’t begin until September we’ve decided it would be better for me to take the summer off, why get another job to leave it in a month or two? Thankfully we’re in position where it is doable for me to stay home…again. At first it was difficult, I went from working full time and making a nice full time salary to not working at all and collecting unemployment. I’ve never collected unemployment before so it took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it. You have to file every week or they don’t pay you. Making that mistake once was enough for me to learn that lesson.

It so different to be home when your kids are at an age where they don’t really “need” you compared to when they were small and calling you for every little thing. Alyssa is 19 and Lelly 16, Samantha turns 11 next month and is pretty independent for her age. I feel like I’m “on call” for them. Lelly will need a ride for an  appointment now and then, both the older girls like to talk to me and for that I am so grateful. I love hearing what is going on in their heads.

I’ve been back to thrifting more often now that I have the time, and I have posted for sale more items that I have in the past, it seems like it anyway. I’d love to do more personal shopping again, I had a blast doing that a couple of years ago. (Warning; shameless plug) if anyone would like me to shop for them or keep an eye open for something feel free to call or text me 347-404-2300 (shameless plug over).

Im also enjoying a beach day here and there with the girls. Last week my parents met us at the Jersey Shore at this town called Ocean Grove. It’s a great little Christian town, very clean and quiet; perfect if you ask me. Anyway we were trying to figure out how my dad was going to walk on the sand with his walker when the guy selling beach badges asked if we would need a wheelchair. I almost fell over, we looked to the left and there was this beach wheelchair, a cool mesh seat and these huge wheels in the front. They got my dad settled on the wheelchair and rolled him out on the beach where we were waiting; umbrella already set up  for him. And when it was time for them to leave all my mom had to do was ask the lifeguards to radio over to the boardwalk for them to come back.  It was so cool and definitely a Godsend.

Being home has definitely made me feel like summer is flying by. I wish time would slow down a bit. In 2 weeks Samantha’s camp will end. I should be encouraging her to do her summer school work but I don’t have the heart to right now. There’s plenty of time left. Famous last words…

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