Rainy day…

So it’s a rainy day here at the beach house. There’s kids here of varying ages so thank God there aren’t any very young, hard to entertain children on board.

Theres talk of bowling, the movies and of course more shopping. There’s an antique/salvage shop we’ve been visiting the past 2 years that had very cool and unusual merchandise. The verdict hasn’t been set as of yet.

Im holding out hope that the skies will suddenly appear blue but the odds are looking pretty slim of that happening.

Its funny the more I’m away from home and away from my church and radio stations playing worship music the more I feel like I miss God. I know He is with me always but not hearing Pastor John’s message on Sunday which would send me on my way for the week feels odd, like a void. I guess you don’t realize how much it means to you to have The Lord and worship as a part of your life until it’s not there for a while no matter how small the time frame. Yesterday Alyssa played new to me worship music by a group called “Elevation Worship” and I so enjoyed it! To hear the group singing and worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just felt so good, like the sun shining on my face good. When we go out today I’ll ask her to play it again.

Tomorrow the weather is suppposed to be great thank God. It’s not the end of the world to do other things than go to the beach at a beach house but it could get old if the weather doesn’t cooperate for an extended period of time. Thursday is supposed to be nice as well and Tommy is planning a fishing trip on a boat. I’m going this year. Last year I didn’t want to go and I think Bill and I went thrift shopping; of which absolutely stinks in this part of the state. So I won’t be wasting my time thrifting down here again.

The weather aside from being rainy is also quite cool, quite the change. But that’s ok I get to wear my ultra fab new Harley Davidson tee shirt compliments of my Harley riding husband.

So here’s to tomorrow being a gorgeous beach day and the next day as well !

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