Fragile the definition is: “adjective
(of an object) easily broken or damaged.
synonyms: breakable, easily broken; delicate, dainty, fine, flimsy; eggshell; formal frangible
“fragile porcelain”
flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed.
“you have a fragile grip on reality”
synonyms: tenuous, shaky, insecure, unreliable, vulnerable, flimsy
“the fragile ceasefire”
(of a person) not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable.
synonyms: weak, delicate, frail, debilitated”.  Makes you want to step back a little and make sure you treat that object or person with the utmost care. Medically fragile sounds even more intimidating. That is the population of students I’ll be caring for this next week and then there after at my assigned school. It’s a whole new ball game for me.

My Thomas is special needs but was never in the “fragile” population. He takes daily meds but those meds are to control his behavior so he can be a functioning member of society and not a danger to others.  “Medically fragile” can cover a wide range of issues with a person. It could be a serious uncontrolled asthmatic or someone with a trach and a feeding tube. I’m curious what range of medically fragile students I will see on Monday and also at my assigned school. In both situations I won’t be the only nurse thank God. I will be the “second” nurse at my assigned school.

In the teaching/preceptor scene on Monday I’m told I will see a lot of “interesting” things. This intrigues me of course. What constitutes interesting? I’d be lying if I said taking care of fragile humans doesn’t intimidated me a bit. But I have confidence in my supervisor’s judgement to place me where she has.

I will enjoy my weekend spending much needed time with my kids and husband. And I’ll be pondering the fragility of us all in the meantime.

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