Going to Church

It’s Sunday morning and I’m up early (big surprise), I’ve already had my coffee peacefully and noiselessly except for letting the dogs out and feeding the younger one. Today is church day for me. I really enjoy going to church. I enjoy our Pastor and his passion for Jesus and the Gospel. Every Sunday without fail Pastor John incorporates the Gospel in his messages and I love that. Although it would be strange to go to church and not hear the Gospel. I mean that’s what it’s all about. While we were still sinners Jesus died for our sins and the Father loves us so much that he gave his only son to die on that cross. Simple yet can be complicated.

Complicated because many people refuse the gift of God’s mercy. They refuse for so many reasons, they won’t humble themselves and submit to The Lord, they are insecure and don’t believe they deserve such mercy, the list can go on and on. I used to be one that refused to humble myself to The Lord. I thought I could do everything on my own in my own power. Little did I know God was orchestrating my life. Placing each person in my path for my good while trying to raise my children, especially Thomas.

Today and everyday I submit to God. I know His son died for me so I can have a relationship with The Father and I am so grateful. Knowing He goes before me in every aspect of my life is so comforting, even through the storms.

I remember last year when my father in law passed. My own Dad was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer and my mom diagnosed with bladder cancer. It was a terrible time, but God did something only He could do; He wrapped me in His love. I seriously never felt so loved in all my life, that was The Lord guiding me through the storm.

The Gospel is so powerful. It can change your life. If you let go and accept the free gift called mercy. If you submit your life to The Lord and know without Him in your life you’re lost.

I’m going to get ready for church now so I can hear a wonderful uplifting message from Pastor John and leave knowing I worship a God who loves me.




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