The Last Week

My orientation for the new job is almost over. As far as I know this will be my last week working with more experienced nurses before starting at my assigned school in Manhattan. This week in addition to classroom training I’ll be precepted by nurses here at a local special needs school. Coincidentally it’s the school Thomas used to attend before he went to the residential school.

The nurses there are great. There are  only 2 full time permanent nurses, the other nurse position is being held by an agency nurse. She was great as well. Being so close to home made me wonder if I should or could ask for a position at that school. My commute is 25 minutes including driving around looking for parking. And it was nice to be home so early after work. By then again I do love Manhattan. I don’t love the commute but it’s really not a deal breaker. I’m trusting The Lord will lead me to where I’m supposed to be.

I don’t know if I feel “ready” to be finished with training. Does anybody ever feel ready to be on their own in a new job? I’m definitely ready to report to the same place every day and get a solid routine going. In the past 5+ weeks I’ve been to the East and West sides of Harlem, the lower east side, the upper west side and let’s not forget Long Island City thrown in for good measure with a jaunt to downtown Brooklyn here and there to clear up human resource issues. I’ve become well versed in the NYC subway system with the exception of the lettered trains. I’ve learned which of my shoes to NOT wear because they are certainly not “walking shoes”.  I’ve come to enjoy the ferry ride both to and from Manhattan and I don’t mind the subways. People for the most part leave you alone you just don’t make eye contact that often.

But working so close to home this week makes me wonder if I would accept a position here if offered. I think there are some union issues attached to the job posting; other wise I can’t understand why they wouldn’t offer the job to me or the other woman in my training class who is from my borough. She lives on the “South Shore ” of our little Island. I live on the North Shore which means I’m closer to the ferry and my commute costs less money than hers does.  I believe she takes the Express bus which costs (I think) 7.50 each way.

Anyway…I’m writing this on the ferry and the boat is preparing to dock. I look out the window and the sun is almost up. It was dark as night when I left my house. Good morning to all!

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