New Assignment!

Wow, I’m so excited!  Today I found out that the school I’ve been training at requested me to be their new nurse!  I won’t be traveling to Manhattan every day (although I was totally ok with it). I’ll be working at the special needs school that Thomas used to attend before he went to residential school. It’s here where I live; my commute is about 20 minutes with traffic!

I’m so blown away by the whole thing. God is so good! I was not expecting this at all. The two other nurses I work with are so great they have no issue with me being new (and neurotic). They have been wonderful in teaching me what I don’t know. Th whole staff have been great. I was chatting with one of the para professionals while caring for a student within the classroom and she asked me if I were staying. I told her no that I would be working in Manhattan starting Monday. She was disappointed that I wasn’t staying; it made me feel so good to be liked.

How I got the job? I mentioned that my son used to attend the school. The nurse I was training with with mentioned that to the new principal. The new principal loved that I was a parent of a former student and requested me to work there permanently. Amazing.

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