Getting Ready

This may sound silly but I almost can’t wait to go to work tomorrow. I have my own desk that I’ve already printed out pictures of my family to put on;  I bought 2 small non breakable pumpkins to place on there and I get to organize my medication and treatment binder; where all my orders for the students I’ll be caring for are kept. I’m looking forward to organizing the medication binder the way I want it. Right now it’s all together just not the way I want it.

I guess I’m the quintessential “new girl” at the office. I’m looking to organize the huge bulletin board that is currently unorganized. We have a decent sized room thank goodness. I’m not looking to change the world or change the school even.  I want to serve God and care for my students as a child of The Lord.

I’m glad I trained at this school this past week because I was able to become a little familiar with the students assigned to me and also get to know some of the staff. I’m looking forward to getting to really know “my students”.

I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. And I’m reminded that God never wastes hurt or a trial. My history with Thomas and all we’ve been through have prepared me for a job I had no idea was waiting for me. My background experience as a nurse in hospital so many years ago has been useful in ways I never thought it would be.

God is so good.

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