The Job

When it’s your first week on the job you want to do everything right and/or in time. I have a set assignment of students who are “mine” and I’m quickly getting to know them as well as the students assigned to the other nurses I work with. It’s a great environment where we help each other, no one says “ well he’s/she’s not mine!” And goes about their business. I’m glad I am where I am and I do believe God has placed me there for a reason. I really like the job and my co workers. It’s also nice to be at a local school and be home by 3:30 ish. Depending on when I leave because there’s always something more to do to keep you there.

I was chatting with one of the staff this morning and this woman happens to also be a mother of 2 special needs sons. They are both blind and are in wheelchairs. We spoke about group homes and how she is not ready to go there with her sons. She’s worried that they won’t receive the same care at a group home compared to how she as their mother cares for them. My heart broke a little at that point. I told her maybe she should pray about the situation and ask for guidance and direction. She confided how she was angry at God for some time after her sons were born but she isn’t angry anymore. I can understand that and appreciate those feelings. We ended the conversation with us both having to get back to work. I hope she does pray about her situation for the God I know will answer her in His time.

Speaking of group homes we are still waiting for Thomas to move into his. My son is so ready, oh man. And he’s been so patient, it’s inspiring. Not once has he complained about how long this process has taken. I’m hopeful that maybe he’ll be in by Christmas?  One can hope.

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