These kids…

The ones I work with…these kids have stolen my heart. I’ve been at the job just over a month now and I like going to work. I like my co workers and the staff at the school. So far, with very few exceptions everyone has been great. We are all there for one common reason and that is the students we work with. Yesterday morning one of the secretaries told me she remembered my  Thomas. I was so happy to have my phone on me and I could show her a recent picture of him. She was thrilled to see him and told me she was glad I was placed at the school. It was a sweet way to start the day.

One unique way I start my day is one I mentioned in an earlier post. I talk with a student who speaks via an electronic board he controls with his eyes. You almost want to shout for joy for him that such technology is available. He’s a remarkable young man and I’m honored to have met him and play a small part in his life.

I have students I see on a daily basis that need various nursing procedures and/or medications. We all have an everyday schedule that rarely changes and in addition to that schedule we have “walk ins” meaning students who walk in/are wheeled in for any number of reasons.  The walk ins are what get me. Because you seriously never know who and for what are going to walk in the office. It could be a student who just had a seizure, someone who isn’t breathing well and needs an asthma medication treatment or something as simple a student who doesn’t feel right and wants their temperature taken or a paper cut even. You just don’t know and have to go with it whatever “it” may be.

One of the nurses I work with is a devout Catholic and prays for everyone; staff and students. She’s really nice and we talk often about prayer and God and church. I’ve invited her to my much loved church but she isn’t ready to take the plunge and try out something that is unfamiliar. That’s ok I’ll just keep inviting her.

God is so good!



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