Thanksgiving is a mere 5 days away. I’m hosting this year it will be my mother in law, my parents, brother, my niece and 2 nephews along with my family of 6. Sounds like a full enough house for me. I’m happy to host this holiday, I usually cook the turkey and a couple of sides and my mom does a few sides and apple pies. Alyssa wants to make pumpkin pie this year. It works for us and it’s stress free thank God.

The day after Thanksgiving is the day Thomas and I put the Christmas tree up. Tommy, Thomas and I go out and pick out a tree. We go to places that are local like a guy set up in a parking lot. Last year we bought the tree from Home Depot. Then Thomas and I trim it, string the lights and then Thomas perseverates over the ornaments and how many Christmas decorations and boxes I bring down from the attic. All in all I have a great time with him and I’d miss him terribly if I decided to change plans; not that I would do that to him.

Speaking of my Thomas, his group home move in date has been postponed until the first week in December. It’s fine we’ve waited this long what’s another 2 weeks or so? I told him about this last night on the phone and he was fine with it. I have to say deep down and aside from all his issues my son is very easy going and sweet. I love that about him and often wonder if he would’ve been that way if he were a typical child/young man.  I don’t suppose there’s any reason he wouldn’t have been, I mean he comes from a long line of sweet caring thoughtful men eg: his father (Tommy) and grandfather (Chick).

So I wish you all a Happy Healthy Stressfree Thanksgiving!


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