When we bought this house 16 years ago it needed a lot of work. New windows, a roof, new siding, plumbing work, an electric stove that after the closing only one burner worked…there’s more I just can’t think of it all at once. In the first few years of living here we were able to replace the windows, have the roof done and rip up all the God forsaken carpet that covered the whole first floor and stairs and master bedroom. We also bought a new much needed stove. We were able to update the kitchen a bit but everything we did just felt like a bandaid covering up and over things that needed to be torn down and done over again the right way. On the list of things we had done that were not bandaids are a new master bathroom, new 1/2 bath off the kitchen and new vinyl siding. I guess you could  say this house had been an on going project since we moved in.

Its all going to change this coming January! We are taking down all the room dividing walls on the first floor and going “open concept”. We’re also getting rid of all the painted over paneling and painted over fake plaster of Paris brick that is currently gracing the kitchen and living room. When all is said and done we’re going to have a center island, a new kitchen and a bigger dining/living room. I know when it’s finished I’ll be thrilled but I’m not looking forward to the actual reality of living through a renovation. I’ve already arranged for my mom to take one of our dogs for a while. She’s still a puppy of sorts and won’t know what to do with herself. Our other dog is older and will go upstairs to hide and that’s ok.

Stay tuned for January because that’s when this will all start, right after New Years. It should be interesting.


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