Christmas Music

I love Christmas music I really do, but not before Thanksgiving. I spent most of November avoiding one of my favorite local Christian radio stations because they were playing Christmas music, it was just way too soon man…

But now, now it’s simply great!  It’s Thomas, tradition that we put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. “We” being the operative word here. It’s really Tommy and I and Thomas going to pick out the tree, Tommy paying for it and me stringing the lights on said tree. All and all it’s actually nice to get the tree up and have that done.

So in the evening yesterday I was putting the lights on the tree and I had my local Christian radio station on, (the one with early Christmas music) and I really enjoyed having the music playing while faced with the task of putting lights on the tree, you know; lights that lit up when you test them then don’t light when you put them on the tree…those lights.

I let the music soak into my brain and just enjoy the real reason we celebrate Christmas. The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Emmanuel; God with us. His birth is just an awesome time to celebrate. That God’s son came to save us from our sin. “Come to Bethlehem and see; him the birth the angels sing…” How glorious our Savior is that angels sang of his birth. Amazing.

I wish an amazing Christmas season for everyone, and that all who celebrate remember that the birth of Christ is the real reason for this holiday. I enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts as much as the next person, but; but…without the birth of Christ there would be no Christmas and no reason to celebrate that wondrous day in December we all hold so dear.

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