I forget which day we are on but Tuesday will be a week from when we started this renovation. My whole first floor is gutted down to the studs. I’m glad we did this because it had to be done to get the house we want, since neither of us want to move. This house has had bandaid upon bandaid covering up things that needed to be remedied and/or renovated. Especially the kitchen. Before we gutted; the kitchen was a galley style with a ceiling lower than the rest of the house. You didn’t notice that so much because it was a separate room, but Tommy and I noticed and it bugged the crap out of us. Well it is no more, the ceiling had been removed down to the original studs and all will be even with the rest of the first floor.

I’m addition to taking the wall down between the dining room and kitchen we also took down a wall separating the living room and sun porch. At first we were just going to leave the sunporch for another project but after discussing things  with my mom: She suggested just going all out and doing away with this small room that we didn’t get much use out of anyway. I’m glad we had that discussion because we’re losing a sunporch but gaining a bigger living room along with a much needed entry way closet.

It’s so difficult to see the light at the end of this renovation tunnel. The demo is for the most part done thank God and some of the electrical lines are run, we just ordered a range hood for over the kitchen island and I’m told the contractor will be removing another layer of kitchen floor. My husband has been wonderful keeping us all informed and being so positive about everything. The other day we had a bad snow storm. The contractor still showed up with his guys ready to finish removing the chimney. Tommy insisted the girls and I get out of the house and drove us to the local diner in that storm. He also picked us up after we couldn’t in good conscience milk spending anymore time there. My husband had been great about everything; keeping us updated on the progress and just being a positive person through it all. He’s a good one I tell you.



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