Prayer and Answers

Recently my dad has been hospitalized. It’s always scary when a loved one is in hospital because only sick people are admitted these days. There’s no such thing as someone being admitted for observation unless the doctors and insurance company are certain there’s something to observe for. My dad has been inpatient for about 10 days give or take a day or so. He’s also a chemotherapy patient so a hospital is not the safest place for him due to his  immune system being already compromised. My dad has been battling liver cancer for the past 15 months, hence the chemo. He’s a very strong, impressive fighter when it comes to his health. He’s already fought and conquered lung cancer; twice and has no intention to let the liver cancer take him over.

I’ve had the opportunity to request prayer for my dad and my mother. I have prayer warriors I turn to when prayer is absolutely a necessity. I believe in the power of prayer both individual and corporate. I know God hears me and even though His answer may not be one I would personally choose in the given situation; He does answer: Always.  I have to keep close at heart that His ways are higher than mine and therefore His reasoning is most often not readily apparent. And I’m ok with that.

I’ve seen the power of the Lord in response to prayer. It is great and glorious; but not always taking place at the time we pray. God has His own timing. I’ve witnessed Him answer prayer first hand many years after prayer was begun. It is indeed humbling and wonderful and loving and even a little unsettling when the answer is “yes”. It’s an unreal feeling and so many people like to say it’s a coincidence or good timing or being in the right place at the right time;  but when God is involved there are no coincidences. It’s simple, it’s Him the Great I Am.




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