Thank you all for the prayers for my dad. He’s out of the ICU and in a regular room awaiting the doctor’s ok to go to rehab for a bit of physical therapy to strengthen him up before he goes home. I saw him yesterday and he looks good and still has that sense of humor he’s known for.

The renovation is ongoing. We’re getting insulated walls this week which is great! We didn’t know there was no insulation behind most of the walls of this house (how would we know?) We weren’t cold or noticed a draft or even had the heat up high during the coldest days before we began this project so go figure. My brother in law; the best electrician ever was here Saturday and ran all the wires and lines, outlets, etc…and today Tommy and I and our neighbor Benny who is a carpenter are looking at cabinets. Hopefully we’ll order them if they pass Benny’s inspection. Tommy also told me the tile guy will be here next week to lay down wire?  I’m not well versed in the steps of tile work so I’ll just be going with the flow on that one.

Work has been so busy. I picked up two more students who need nursing services every day. It’s ok I’m not running around chicken without a head busy, but it’s enough to make the day fly by. Thankfully the two new to me students are in the same room most of my other students are in. All you hear from me all day is “I’ll be in room so and so!” And my coworkers laugh because they know where I’m going yet I still announce it. In addition to the students I provide care for; there are also others in that room who are medically fragile so I’m called to go in there quite a bit to check someone out. It’s all good, the staff and I all get along quite well.

So yesterday being Sunday I of course went to church. Our Pastor is preaching a series on “What if we could make a difference?” Last week it was making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable. This week was making a difference in the lives of the unsaved. Pastor John brought up the great commission where Jesus commanded that we go to every nation and tell the Gospel. I feel I’m lacking in that department. Other than this blog, I lack the boldness to speak to others in person about the Gospel, with the exception of family members that I was concerned for their salvation. One such family member; I yelled the Gospel at him because I didn’t think I would get through any other way. While I don’t advocate that method of delivery, it worked and he now attends church regularly and even goes to bible study.

I will pray for boldness. For me to speak with the power of The Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel to the unsaved.  To tell them that Jesus lived a sinless life. He took on the punishment that I deserved for being a sinner. He took on God’s wrath for you and me so we could have a relationship with The Father. Jesus died a criminal’s death, crucified on a cross. Three days later he rose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father. The name of Jesus is one that needs to be called upon for salvation. He’s the only one who can save. “For whosoever believes in me shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 11:26.

It’s my hope that all will call upon His name, repent and surrender their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ. I can testify with my own life that when you surrender to Him you experience a peace in yourself that truly transcends all understanding. That’s not to say I don’t take my eyes off Christ every so often. I then have moments of anxiety, doubt and confusion. Jesus is the answer, the way the truth and the light. He is awesome.


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