Renovation week 3

We are ending week 3 of our whole first floor renovation. We have Sheetrock  walls!  So exciting…and the contractor is in the middle of taping said walls, again very exciting. Tommy ordered the kitchen cabinets this past week so our next step is tile. We’ve already picked out the tile and the grout. Next week the tile guy will lay down the mesh and Tommy will install the tubing for radiant in floor heat. Fancy.

It’s really nice to look at smooth walls after looking at and painting (many times) the ugly faux brick we had in the kitchen and living room. I’m totally looking forward to having my house be put back together again. I do see light at the end of the tunnel. When everything was first demo’ed and I was left to stare at bare wall studs it was hard to digest what we had done.  I didn’t have regret; we had to do things this way to have the end result that we want. Its been a renovation that we’ve planned forever. A bonus is that Tommy and I seem to be on the same page with almost every decision. We’re pretty low maintenance so it’s nice that we are getting through this with our marriage intact.

We’ve spent record breaking amounts of time together now that the basement is our temporary living room. Thank God for finished basements!  We have a really nice entertainment center down there as well as microwave, small fridge and of course the crock pot down there. There is also a sink so it’s not too bad dealing with not having a kitchen.

I’m so thankful I’m working during this season of our life.




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