Thrifting day !

Yesterday after I dropped Samantha with her friends at the mall carnival, I headed to one of my favorite places, the thrift store!  My kids have taken to calling it my “happy place”, ha ha!  My actual happy place is the beach, but the thrift store is in my top 5 favs.

Last week I scored Stella McCartney denim!  I almost fell over when I was going through the racks and bam there they were in all their fabulous excellent condition glory. Yesterday I found more premium denim and a really cool top by Philipp Plein, a German fashion designer who sells really expensive clothing. I had no idea until I googled the name and educated myself very quickly while standing there holding the top with a white knuckle grip, lol!

I know thrift shopping isn’t for everyone and some people are even grossed out by it. That’s ok everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just love the treasure hunt aspect of it. I don’t think about much when thrifting. I put on my thrifting face and get down to business. I always say hello to the people who work there; they are the nicest people. They aren’t overly chatty which is nice because I’m not there to be chatty.

A couple of months ago I scored my biggest find yet; a Chanel bag. I almost skipped out of there after I paid 6.99 for it. The bag needed to be cleaned so I sent it off to a reputable designer restoration business. A week later she was back with me and looked beautiful. I’ve yet to take her out for a maiden voyage. Maybe next week if the weather stays nice.

I always think of my dad after I go thrifting. I want to call him and tell him what I’ve found. I know he passed down to me some of my thrifting genes. The rest come from my grandfather on my mother’s side. He used to take us out every Saturday when our parents worked to yard sales or to old dusty shops in Manhattan. It was a great time to be with him. We really enjoyed those adventures.

So here’s to future thrifting adventures and awesome finds!


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