My Kids

I really like my kids. I mean of course I love them but I also like them as people. I like spending time with them. This morning Alyssa, Lelly and I went thrift shopping. It was nice to be with them and pick out different things and get their blatantly honest opinions. But we do more that just shop together. There are times when it’s just me and one of the girls here at home and we end up talking about anything that is on their mind. Sometimes it’s a conversation I’m not quite ready for but they are and that’s what matters.

My girls confide in me. I was pleasantly surprised the first few times. They tell me that some of their friends don’t talk to or confide in their moms and that made me appreciate our relationships even more.

I say we aren’t always shopping but the more I think about it that is the bulk of Alyssa’s and Lelly’s and my together time. Most of our talking occurs in the car though. I’ve discovered that the car is he best place to have a deep conversation. You have a captive audience for better or worse.

In the car is where I’ve discovered Samantha’s love of Christian music. I only listen to contemporary Christian music in my car. Alyssa and Lelly listen along too but Samantha will actually sing along to the songs and put the station back if I unknowingly change it from a song she really likes. At first this surprised me I didn’t think she liked “my” music. I was wrong.

Being with Thomas is different than being with my girls. He’s very honest and knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like. There isn’t much middle ground with him. I enjoy being with Thomas more now that he lives closer to us. Visiting with him now isn’t as rushed as it used to be when Thomas lived up in Yonkers. We often go to ShopRite together on Saturdays when I’m doing the food shopping for the week. He’s so well behaved it’s a pleasure to have him with me. And when he’s ready to go back he clearly says so. No bones about it.

It’s funny because life was so stressful for so many years when they were all small. It was hard enjoy them all at that time. We had a lot of good times that I treasure those memories but…I don’t miss those years at all. I prefer this time in all of our lives.


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