The “Club”

I’m in the nail salon minding my own business when this woman comes in with her special needs daughter. I’m so nosy I strike up a conversation asking where does her daughter attend school? Turns out the young woman is 27 yrs old!  She looks so young. The mom is very open and tells me her daughter, Christina goes to a particular day program and that she loves it there and they are very happy with their choice. I of course have to tell her about my Thomas and what program he attends. We had an awesome conversation for about 20 minutes while I was getting my powder gel manicure. Mom’s  name is Brenda and they live about 10 minutes away. I tell Brenda about the new special needs ministry at my church and she’s very interested in her daughter attending. So I’m excited for her because she’s excited to learn about the ministry.

It’s funny because I love talking to other parents who have special needs children. There’s like this unspoken bond once I reveal I am also a parent and I talk about my Thomas. I find that happens here and there at work also. That is, when I choose to tell another parent about my son. Sometimes it’s just not right and I maintain myself as just the nurse at this wonderful school where I work, other times I can’t help but to move when the spirit tells me to and I love to see the way the look on the other person’s face changes from one of polite general interest to, “oh wow…she KNOWS!” And 98% of the time I’m glad I divulged my personal life.

This is not a club I aspired to be in; ever. I remember when I was in college and had the opportunity to give to the special Olympics at St. John’s University in Queens. I was asked to judge the girls gymnastics competition. I was in awe the whole time. In awe of the athletes and in awe of their parents. I remember wondering at that time what it would be like to be one of those parents. Prophetic huh? I have to say it’s the best club I’ve ever been a part of even though the entry requirements were tough to manage. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for my Thomas. I was a pretty quiet person when I was a new young mother; but learned quite quick to find my voice since my son didn’t have one. I stood up to doctors and professionals who needed to be put in their place and I’ve learned when to be silent. None of those lessons were easy by any means. Regardless, my friends list on both Facebook and in my heart would be totally different if I didn’t have Thomas.

God knows what he’s doing when he chooses particular parents for particular children. I used to question His choice constantly and I was even angry at different times in my life. But one closed  door opens a window that leads to a path we otherwise wouldn’t have taken. And there’s no room for anger when you surrender your life and soul to the one true God.

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