Vacationing with Family

I haven’t been on vacation with my family in about 10 years. When my mom retired she took us all to Disney in Florida. It was a great vacation filled with wonderful memories. My dad was still with us then and I’m so, so glad to have those memories of him.  Since that trip our summer vacations have been with other families, friends of ours. Renting very large beach houses or most recent, last summer we rented a large house in the Lake George area, more precise; Loon Lake. Those vacations were each wonderful, we had really great times with all the families. We had but one rule: we all were able to decide what each of us wanted to do, no trying to talk someone into doing something they didn’t want to do or get mad if the answer was no when asked if they wanted to do/go somewhere. It has worked out better than I could have ever imagined. No one’s feelings are hurt because you had to return to “the rule” when/if you were rebuked or refused.

This vacation we decided to spend with my mom and 2 nephews, William 24 yrs and Jacob almost 12 yrs at my mom’s timeshare at Sanibel Island, Florida. I asked her back in March how many people the condo would fit and turned out we all would fit yay!

I have to say I’m glad I’ve had this opportunity to vacation with my mom.  My mom is easy going and so are my nephews. Grocery shopping which can sometimes be a chore ended up being fun. Going out to dinner has been great; not one complaint about anything and everyone well behaved. Tonight we’ll be having dinner at the condo, we have a lot of food to go through. That’s ok sometimes you get tired of eating out all the time, I know I do. Maybe I’ll score a trip to the outlets after dinner…

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