The Outlet Mall!

So silly to get excited about outlet malls, we just had one open where we live but I’ve only been there once. It is really nice and it’s a great place to shop if you’re taking a ferry ride over and are looking to do something before heading back to Manhattan or home if you live in the island.

So last night Tommy, Samantha, Alyssa, my mom and me headed out to a really nice outdoor outlet mall about 40 minutes away. We drove through one of South Florida’s infamous rain storms and even got caught in one while shopping. Of course if you know me that isn’t a big enough deterrent to stop me from shopping. Ha! Some rain…bring it on!

Earlier in the week mom, Alyssa, Samantha and me went to a smaller outlet mall where Samantha scored clothes for school @ Nike and I resisted temptation at the Coach outlet and didn’t buy a bag. Amazing restraint I tell you. Amazing.  Fast forward to last night and all restraint was gone. I saw the Coach store and couldn’t help but go in to see if this store had the bag I was looking at. They did. I had to buy it! Had to. So I did. I crumbled. I have little to nothing that holds me back when it comes to bags. Now before anyone decides to get all better than thou; remember we all have our “thing(s)”that we either spend our money on our time on.

After my score at the Coach store I was happily surprised to see a store who’s clothes I love called Desigual. We don’t have one where I live, only in Manhattan, not sure about Jersey. I practically skipped  into that store and almost fell over when the salesperson informed us that half of the whole store was 70% off!  Score!  I found 3 tops that I love on sale and mom scored a blouse that looked like it was made for her. Happy times! Who doesn’t love a good outlet score?


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