Last day!

Today is our last day on this beach paradise, Sanibel Island. The beach is spotless and the water so clear, it reminds me of the Outer Banks in North Carolina but quieter. I like the quiet. This town is very quiet, like there is no “town” just a strip/street leading through to stores and restaurants. Yesterday we visited a sea shell store which was very expensive, IMO anyway. The shells were gorgeous and some huge but not my cup of tea. We then found this hole in the wall antique shop that was amazing. It was wall after wall and room after room of amazing finds. You name it and his shop had it. A whole wall of antique medicine remedies, like God knows what the ingredients were in those days lol!  I found a really nice pair of black stone earrings, I was looking for antique nursing  memorabilia but they didn’t have any.

This morning we hit the outlets again. I wasn’t thrilled with the bag I bought the other day, and had my eye on another that came straight from the retail store. It is gorgeous, it’s a light beige/nude color with burgundy suede interior. The model is called the “rogue”. Beautiful. I also scored a very thoughtful, perfect gift for our good friend Brant who helped us out with taking care of our animals. After the repeat trip to the outlets we were ready to return to the condo and sort out boarding passes for the flight home. I’m a bit excited to go home, I find a week away is enough for me. Plus I have another week off before school starts again in September. I really don’t miss work all too much. I’m glad I worked the summer don’t get me wrong but it’s nice to have downtime and do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do, like go to the beach everyday and spend quality time with your husband. I will be sad to leave Sanibel.




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