So They Closed The Schools!

Wow, I’m truly surprised, I did not see this coming; they closed NYC schools until (tentatively) April 20. They rarely if ever close NYC schools. A snow day is a momentous occasion here. Although those occasions have been more frequent the past couple of years. I don’t know where I stand on NYC schools closing. I know many parents in my school alone are single parents and rely on the school system to be open. I know when Thomas was at his peak of horrendous behavior here at home I needed him to be in school. I’m not in that place anymore thank God but many other parents are. I’m not saying the schools should stay open during this time, I don’t know how I feel but I do know schools give parents a break and these kids thrive in their daily routine which is now disrupted. There is no easy answer.

As for me, I guess there will be a lot of cleaning out/rearranging cabinets now that Lelly is home. She’s already cleared and reorganized my kitchen food storage and has plans on starting in the dining room this week; before we knew I was going to be home. Yes there will be a lot of togetherness and bonding going on haha!

Tommy and I discussed re-doing our bedroom such as painting, new blinds and changing out our bedroom set for his parents bedroom set. Maybe that project will get started and finished earlier than we thought. Samantha thought she would just be off from school with no work to do. Ha! She wasn’t thrilled when we confirmed that she’ll have work and lessons to complete via the computer/internet. Silly girl. I still have to finish my beloved statistics class, now I have more time…Yayy…

Thomas is here for his weekly Sunday dinner and hang out time. He’s so pleasant, it’s nice to be with him. He’s thin. Not skinny and unhealthy but thin. You’d never know it that he eats like there’s no tomorrow. I never thought we’d ever get to this point of simply enjoying him. It’s nice, really nice. Last week we went to the mall and he was fun. We went to Macy’s because I had to browse the handbag department and he was egging me on to buy a bag. I did not purchase a bag (surprised?) it was nice to browse and see the new styles. Thomas however doesn’t believe in simply “looking.” He’s totally a riot like that and can be dangerous to shop with.

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