Day 1…

I’m not one for journaling so I write here. Day 1 of treating today, a Monday as a “snow day” as instructed. The girls had a big breakfast because they’re all together. It was sweet. So far I am procrastinating getting to work on my statistics class, hanging out on Facebook, dropped packages off at the post office (not crowded), spoke to mom on the phone twice, texting my fellow nurses that I work with, and vacuumed my car and chatted with my next door neighbor.

I managed to get in a much needed visit with a dear friend who is in the hospital (not corona virus related). My friend is doing great and we laughed and I cried such happy tears to see him doing so well. Life was amazing for that hour or so.

Back home again and I was informed that school nurses are to report to their schools along with teachers, paras and other staff. They need us to call parents to pick up any needed medications or supplies that we have at the school. Makes me really wonder when/if we’ll be back this school year and what will they have nurses doing now that schools are closed. Will we be sent anywhere? Will the DOE *find* work for us to do? I’m so curious. Off to do school work!

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