An Odd Goodbye

Schools are closed in hopes of slowing/preventing the spread of Corona virus. This past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the teachers and staff had to report to their school. We all had our roles; as nurses we had to call parents who’s children receive medication or nursing services in school and ask if they wanted to pick up their child’s meds, supplies, etc… A few parents came, most did not. That was fine, I enjoyed their optimism that school would be open again come April. I’m not too sure what to think. I’m hoping we are able to return in April. I like my job and I enjoy my co workers.

It’s the uncertainty I don’t like. Today, classrooms were cleared out. Medical supplies that are usually kept in the classroom were returned to our office, secretaries cleared out their desks. We were told to take our personal belongings home, to not leave anything behind. I packed up my desk, cleared out office supplies I like to use such at post it notes and markers, my stethoscope, my plaque that the girls gave me for Christmas with “Registered Nurse after my name. I wasn’t ready to clear everything all out. It felt odd and unsettling. Normally when we have a school break everyone is leaving in a good mood, yelling goodbye! Have a good week off!! See you !! There are often hugs exchanged. Yesterday was nothing of the sort. One of my co workers and I bumped elbows, to others I waved goodbye from a “safe” distance,

We were told we are to work from home after having our attendance taken via email at 8am today. I’m curious as to what we will be doing from home. Paperwork? Nursing care plans? I have no idea. I wonder if we’ll be placed to work where they may need nurses. I don’t know how these things work, I’ve never worked for the city before in the midst of a pandemic illness. Rumor has it we may be placed to work in centers the city is opening for children of people who must go to work. It should be interesting.

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