These days…

My husband has decided to complete some needed projects around the house that we’ve put off. We went to Lowe’s for him to buy supplies to remodel his shower in the basement. We practiced social distance and washed our hands appropriately after coming home. Lelly is redecorating her room beginning with a new paint color on the walls and new blinds. She bought a new full size bed last month to replace her twin size. The paint job came out awesome, she now needs the blinds up; privacy is nice.

I’m taking my statistics final this morning. I debated putting it off but decided to just go for it. Of course I’m really hoping to pass, I don’t even care so much about doing well. Statistics is no joke I did not anticipate it being easy at all. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never taken anything remotely like that class.

We took our crazy rescue hound dog to the vet this week for some kind of medication to calm her down. Anyone who’s been to our house and has met Lola can testify to her craziness and incessant barking. God forbid the UPS guy even drives down our street, Lola goes nuts; same with the mailman. If you bring in a delivered package she goes after the package and will attack the box, biting and trying to rip it apart. Weirdo. I won’t even go into what the moulding around our front door looks like. So Dr. V gave me a script for an anti anxiety med that is expensive; I have to pay out of pocket. I have to call them tomorrow to see if their supplier is less money. In the meantime Dr. V also gave us a sedative to use for her while we are waiting for the prescription to be filled.

Today I’m ordering over the phone, paint for Tommy and my bedroom. Our local Sherwin William’s is open but you need to pick out your things and call the order in, then they meet you at the door to take payment. Pretty cool, safe system IMO anyway. We haven’t redecorated our bedroom in about 10 years so it’s time. Plus when we removed the house chimney during the renovation 2ish years ago they had to open part of one of the walls in our room, it’s behind my bureau but the room still needs to be redone.

Here’s to continued social distancing and a passing grade in statistics!!

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