Writing Papers

I’m taking this communications class and I have to write a paper of course, actually it’s more of a presentation. Part one is the written part and Part two I need to video myself giving said presentation. Part one is all well and good except for me citing my references. I’m ready to scream to be honest. I’ve quoted, I’ve cited, I’ve listed my references…still wrong. I’ve tried a couple of websites; I’ve copied and pasted their version of how my references are to be written…there’s still something wrong. Ever get the feeling you’re beating your head against a dead end wall?

The style of paper is APA. Common enough and definitely frustrating enough. Ok so I took a brake and found yet another website citation generator, I have to pay to get the good stuff but it seems worth it. I understand the purpose of citing references and that plagiarism is very serious. But why all the different styles?? There should be one way to do references and that’s it! My words and vent for the day.

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