My First Girl

My first girl has graduated college. It’s amazing and I am so proud of her. It’s no secret that Thomas, our first born is special needs. Alyssa our second child and first girl is 2 years and a week younger than Thomas. I already knew there was something going on with Thomas at that age but the “experts” did not. And then along came my girl. She was so, so typical, she met every milestone as if she had read a child growth and development manual. It was wonderful after going through so much with Thomas. I didn’t love Alyssa more for being a typical child I loved her for being her as much as I loved Thomas for being him.

When I was pregnant with Alyssa I never thought I would have a girl. My husband came from a big crowd of boys. Tommy has 2 brothers, 3 boy cousins, his father was the youngest of all boys. There wad only one girl cousin at that time. We didn’t find out the sex of Alyssa, we wanted to be surprised and I seriously couldn’t have been more surprised when the midwife announced, “Its a GIRL!” We didn’t even have a girl name picked out. Alyssa was nameless for 2 days until Tommy and I could come to a name. I always liked the name Alyssa and Tommy agreed. So there she was: Alyssa Menay. Nameless no more.

She was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now. She’s patient and a great listener. And the best part; she talks to me. Alyssa doesn’t just talk to me because she has to because we live in the same house. She tells me what she’s doing that day, the next week and her plans for the future. I’m honored to have that type of relationship with not only my first girl but with all my girls.

Tommy and I always wondered if people looking in from the outside thought we had screws loose that we kept having kids after Thomas. I know how hard and wonderful it is to raise a special needs child and I know how hard and wonderful it is to raise typical children. There really is no comparison between the two. It’s apples and oranges with other obscure fruits thrown in for good measure.

So this weekend we celebrate my girl and all her hard work I’m exited for her future.

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