My Shoe Closet

So yesterday morning I finally decided to clear out my shoe closet. Our house was built in 1935 so closet space is a big deal to us. When we renovated we managed to half our front room/sun porch and create this great, at least 6 foot long closet with sliding doors. Finally we could all hang up our coats at the same time and we said good bye to coat trees and lengths of hooks. Winter was especially challenging before the new closet; winter coats are so big and can be bulky.

So getting back to my shoes. I am a self admitted shoe whore. Have been since I was a teenager. Shoes are awesome (as are bags but that’s another blog post). When I moved out nor my moms house to Tommy’s apartment I left boxes and boxes of shoes. I could only take so much at a time. So my father loaded up his van and put all my shoes in it and personally drove them over to my new home. My new neighbors thought my dad was some guy selling shoes out of his van. He laughed and laughed, Tommy wasn’t laughing as much as my dad. So my shoe collection was relegated to the basement, where most of them sat and gathered dust since I was then working as a nurse and my most worn shoes were sneakers or nursing shoes/clogs. Then I had Thomas and my foot grew (yes ladies that happens and NO ONE tells you about that…) so my shoes that my dad ever so comically hand delivered no longer fit.

Even when I was a stay at home mom, I still bought shoes. I loved a good high platform sandal. I could run after my kids in platforms! Ahh those were the days lol! When I worked at the allergist’s office the receptionist happened to be another shoe whore so we got along swimmingly! Plus at that job I wasn’t walking a lot I pretty much stayed in my office the patients came to me. The dress code was whatever you wanted to wear (no scrubs) so I was free to express myself via my shoes. And the patients would notice my shoes and give me compliments, it was funny.

My days of high heels are over but I still love a beautiful platform sandal. For my 50th birthday my girls bought me this awesome pair of Chloe high platform sandals. I adore those shoes they are gorgeous. My girls really know their mom!

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