One Semester Down!

I finished my first semester, 12 credits with the online college I’m attending to earn my Bachelor’s of Science degree in nursing. About 2 years ago I started with a different college but it seemed like all I was doing was writing a paper every week. So I took a break and re-evaluated. I saw an ad for the college I’m attending now and asked for more information. Of course they called me back instantly and I began the application process. It took about a month or so and I was in. They accepted a lot of my credits from years ago when I was attending college for my associate’s in nursing so that was great. I was also assigned a mentor who I really like. Nancy is a nurse also, with her Masters degree. When she first contacted me she asked if it was alright that she set up my classes per semester, like what to take and when. I was more than fine with that. This college requires that you take 12 credits per semester. At first I was intimidated by that. But this semester I finished with over 2 weeks to spare. So I’m off from my schooling until July 1st when my next semester begins.

I never thought I would say this but I don’t dislike school. It’s not my absolute favorite thing in the world but it’s not terrible. And I feel as though I am learning, the worst is when you feel as though you’re just wasting time or glued to the computer because you have a weekly paper or project to hand in. That was what my nursing theory class was like at the first college I attended. Weekly papers on each of the well known nursing theorists. Boring. This past semester I attended a live class via webinar and interacted with different nurses from all over the country. It was cool. And I learned more advanced nursing assessment skills and my assignment was to perform a video recorded head to toe assessment/exam on a volunteer (thank you Alyssa).

I am looking forward to the next semester but don’t get me wrong I’m happy to have this time off. I’m really glad I chose this college. My mentor is wonderful and always looking to help if you need it. I don’t feel like just another number in an anonymous online class. 12 credits down! Yay!

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